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Two new Sein und Werden reviews

A review of Magnificent Monsters print issue by Martin Hoeldtke:
And a review of Pharmacopoeia print issue by Sheri White at Future Fire:
Many thanks to both reviewers.

Review of Pharmacopoeia print issue

Review by Terry Grimwood:

Sein und Werden is one of those great little magazines that cannot be pigeonholed but is always guaranteed to delight, shock and infuriate. Is it a horror magazine, a very, very dark fantasy publication, literature, avant garde? Well, all of those things and none. And, like a pill that will be good for you, it must be swallowed whole.

Pharmacopoiea review

New review of the print issue of Pharmacopoiea by Martin Hoeldtke here:

Review of Pharmacopoeia issue online

Here is the first review of the web version of Sein und Werden’s comeback – Pharmacopoeia. Thanks to B for this.