A new review of The Bride Stripped Bare

Review by V Ulea: http://paraphiliamagazine.blogspot.com/?zx=41664486805bb2ad

“Every story presents yet another side of the creature that’s sometimes female, and sometimes male, but the gender is not important since it is solely external. The internal is rather unisexual, and it never changes; it’s constant and still like the look of the dead. I’m talking about a self-igniting feeling of the void inherent in all characters on Kendall’s canvas. They were born to be tore apart, dismembered, trampled dawn. The swarming world of passions lures them, promising pleasures, but plunging into the pool of boiling bloods brings them no satisfaction. They only learn that their creator screwed them up and they’ve come to this world like plastic toys, completely lacking sensations.  The discovery is shocking, they watch life behind the glass wall.”…

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