j/j hastain

“Prepare for an in-deep partaking of strange yet powerful “folds as they enshrine a gorgeous hysteria”, because that is part of what hastain’s poetic encounters will be placing upon you.” Juliet Cook, author of  ‘Horrific Confection’.
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j/j hastain
“Reading ‘riding the lace barometer’, by j/j hastain, is a romp, moist with nuance; a sexual communion with self. This debut, forested in what was once termed ‘the secrets’, is a feast of exploration, throwing open all doors. Think a dirty weekend down the rabbit hole, a tea party with e.e.cummings, Kim Addonizio and Anais Nin, trading memoirs of tender raunch, then RSVP!”
Adele C. Geraghty, author, ‘Skywriting in the Minor Key: Women, Words, Wings’
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