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Next issue guidelines

Reminder: deadline is 20th May for the Not Quite Human issue:

Not Quite Human
Maybe passing as such but, underneath, when you strip away the layers…
Not Quite Human
Maybe they didn’t quite make it to the human level. Took a left turn somewhere.
Not Quite Human
Maybe a little bit something else.
Not Quite Human
Maybe something more so.

You know you want to write something for this. Something that isn’t just a “Twilight” rip-off. Oh no, something creepy, unsettling, memorable or mind-expanding. Something with all the usual elements of human literature. And yet…

All submissions to:
seinundwerden at gmail dot com



submissions deadline: 20th February 2013

Please note: from January 2013 Sein und Werden will be an web zine only)

The term ‘Exquisite Corpse‘ can be interpreted in many ways.

The surrealists among you will know it as a game played by Breton et al, in which the first person draws a head (or a first line), folds over the paper to hide it, and passes it on to the next who then adds the body/next line, folds it over, passes it on to the next etc. What you end up with is a monstrous (or beautiful) creation in automatic drawing/writing.

The horror writers among you will perhaps interpret the theme more literally. Just make it beautiful. Make it exquisite.

(As an aside, there is an excellent book which combines the two – ‘Exquisite Corpse: Surrealism and the Black Dahlia Murder’ by Mark Nelson and Sarah Hudson Bayliss. Here is a link to a page about the book but please note – CONTAINS VERY GRAPHIC CRIME SCENE PHOTOGRAPHS.)

And the philosophers? Well, what is the body anyway but a vessel to hold the bloody matter in? What is the self but a collection of memories, scars, dreams, pretences and a little bit of every exquisite person you know?

Submissions to seinundwerden at gmail dot com



submissions deadline: 20th September 2012

This issue will be guest edited by Mark Howard Jones. Mark says:

“I want to know what happened in the real or surreal lives of the old pulp heroes of the 1920s, 30s and 40s.

Were The Shadow’s weaknesses exposed in the cruel light of day? How often was The Spider legless? Who did Sam Spade really dig? What happened to Doc Savage, The Man Of Bronze, once he washed off the fake tan? Was Shanna, Queen Of The Jungle, a tigress between the sheets … or a purring pussycat?

And I’d like to think the era of swashbuckling skullduggery isn’t quite over, so why not invent your own twisted pulp hero? You can trust us – we’ll provide police protection …

I want to read a copy of ‘Black Mask’ magazine entirely written by the love child of Georges Bataille and Dorothy Parker, followed by the latest edition of ‘Famous Fantastic Mysteries’ edited by Alexander Trocchi.”

All submissions for this issue to be sent to Mark Howard Jones: 

Usual word limit applies ie. max 3k for fiction.
No more than 3 poems per submission.
Black and white images will be considered.
This is a PRINT-ONLY issue.

next issue submission guidelines

Thanks to all who submitted and congrats to those whose work was accepted for the brilliantly dark Sur-Noir issue. Thank you also to the enigmatic editor of the issue, Marc Lowe, for reading through the MS pile and picking out the best for the theme. I do believe that, as is usually the case, there were a great many fantastic stories that were rejected only because they didn’t fit with Marc’s vision of sur-noir. I hope any author who was rejected on those grounds will not be put off submitting again in the future.

I am now in the process of putting this excellent issue together and it should be available to buy within the week.


Submissions are invited for the summer 2012 issue of Sein und Werden, themed: The Unnatural World

This issue will be guest edited by Allen Ashley. Allen has set the theme of “The Unnatural World” and says, “I’m thinking in terms of Nature gone bad; I’m alsothinking in terms of humans interfering with nature. My reference points are:early J. G. Ballard novels, ‘The Island of Dr Moreau’, ‘The Day of theTriffids’, Monsanto GM crops, the Exxon-Valdez disaster… Don’t be limited bythese ideas, be inspired!”

Send your stories and poems as an email attachment saved in Rich Text Format or Microsoft Word 2003 to Allen at Please do not send as “doc.x”.

Submissions deadline: 20th June


The deadline for the surreal noir – Sur-Noir – mystery-guest-edited issue of Sein und Werden is 20th March.

Details here


Sein und Werden – new issue guidelines

Next issue: April 2012


submissions deadline: 20th March 2012

All submissions for this issue to be sent to

This issue will have a guest editor, who says:

“What I’m looking for is surreal noir: what I call ‘Sur-noir’.  I would define ‘surreal’ as anything that might be considered weird, dreamlike or nightmarish, illogical, or simply falling outside the genre of traditional realist fiction.  My definition of ‘noir’ here extends from that genre, with a capital ‘N’ (think Jim Thompson, Horace McCoy, Patricia Highsmith, etc.) to the detective genre (I’m especially fond of detectives who have an uncanny propensity for losing their footing, a la Quinn in Auster’s City of Glass, or the gumshoe of Abe’s Ruined Map), or indeed to any fiction that is, as the term literally denotes, ‘black’ (i.e. dark). The rest is up to you.”

Please submit all material to

 Please note: This issue of Sein und Werden will be in PRINT ONLY. 

General submissions guidelines can be found at:

Metropolis in print

Here ye! Here ye!

The print issue of this October’s METROPOLIS-themed Sein und Werden is now available.

With fiction and poetry from Neddal Ayad, Sara Bickley, Defne Cizakca, Neil Ellman, John Greiner, Richard Gessner, Zachary Scott Hamilton, Rhys Hughes, Mat Joiner , A J Kirby,  Roberta Lawson, W L N Smith, J J Steinfeld and Steve Toase, this is a super duper bumper issue you just don’t want to miss.

Order your copy now for £4.50 inc p+p. Paypal

Or subscribe to 4 issues for only £16.00.


The web version is soon to be announced, with more fiction from Richard Gessner, Rhys Hughes and W L N Smith, along with some fantastic images and text from B Drew Collier, Nicole Votta, Beau Johnson, Mark Howard Jones and many more. However, due to a minor glitch it is going to be a little delayed. Watch this space for news.

In the meantime, the next theme is FUTURISM, deadline 20th December. Check out the general submission guidelines here:

FREE chapbook with every issue of Wunderkammer

That’s right folks -

with every issue of Sein und Werden/Wunderkammer I’ll be giving away a FREE copy of Tantra Benkso’s brand new, limited edition chapbook ‘The Cabinet of What You Don’t See’.

Of the chapbook, author Alana Capria says, ‘ In Tantra Bensko’s The Cabinet of What You Don’t See, the dreamlike stories build upon one another slowly, as the cabinet drawers open to reveal the many surreal, mythical, and dangerous parts. Delicate owls exist in conjunction with reptilian things that invade our beings and little winged dolls prance across the page, ignorant of their sexuality. Bensko’s writing is methodical in its lyricism. Her stories read like poems, beautiful sentences woven together that churn like waves as dog bodies eat and vomit one another over and over again.

Welcome to the magical world of Tantra Bensko. This esteemed author has contributed to Sein und Werden a number of times, and this online issue (coming very soon; watch this space) will feature 3 of her images.

The Cabinet of What You Don’t See will soon be available to buy for £2.50/$5.50 or FREE with the Wunderkammer issue of Sein und Werden.

For just £4.50/$8.50 you could find yourself one happy owner of a wunderkammer within a wunderkammer.

This summer issue of Sein und Werden includes fiction and poetry by Elaine Borthwick, Dave Chambliss, Dave Early, Richard Gessner, Richard Godwin, Jack D Harvey, Nick Jackson, Mark Howard Jones, Shannon Quinn and Graham Tugwell, with a selection of creatures by Suzanne Norris, let loose from their cabinet for these pages only.

Pre-order your copy of Sein und Werden or The Cabinet of What You Don’t See now. Just drop me a line at seinundwerden at gmail dot com

Two new Sein und Werden reviews

A review of Magnificent Monsters print issue by Martin Hoeldtke:
And a review of Pharmacopoeia print issue by Sheri White at Future Fire:
Many thanks to both reviewers.

Review of Pharmacopoeia print issue

Review by Terry Grimwood:

Sein und Werden is one of those great little magazines that cannot be pigeonholed but is always guaranteed to delight, shock and infuriate. Is it a horror magazine, a very, very dark fantasy publication, literature, avant garde? Well, all of those things and none. And, like a pill that will be good for you, it must be swallowed whole.


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