FREE chapbook with every issue of Wunderkammer

by ISMs Press

That’s right folks -

with every issue of Sein und Werden/Wunderkammer I’ll be giving away a FREE copy of Tantra Benkso’s brand new, limited edition chapbook ‘The Cabinet of What You Don’t See’.

Of the chapbook, author Alana Capria says, ‘ In Tantra Bensko’s The Cabinet of What You Don’t See, the dreamlike stories build upon one another slowly, as the cabinet drawers open to reveal the many surreal, mythical, and dangerous parts. Delicate owls exist in conjunction with reptilian things that invade our beings and little winged dolls prance across the page, ignorant of their sexuality. Bensko’s writing is methodical in its lyricism. Her stories read like poems, beautiful sentences woven together that churn like waves as dog bodies eat and vomit one another over and over again.

Welcome to the magical world of Tantra Bensko. This esteemed author has contributed to Sein und Werden a number of times, and this online issue (coming very soon; watch this space) will feature 3 of her images.

The Cabinet of What You Don’t See will soon be available to buy for £2.50/$5.50 or FREE with the Wunderkammer issue of Sein und Werden.

For just £4.50/$8.50 you could find yourself one happy owner of a wunderkammer within a wunderkammer.

This summer issue of Sein und Werden includes fiction and poetry by Elaine Borthwick, Dave Chambliss, Dave Early, Richard Gessner, Richard Godwin, Jack D Harvey, Nick Jackson, Mark Howard Jones, Shannon Quinn and Graham Tugwell, with a selection of creatures by Suzanne Norris, let loose from their cabinet for these pages only.

Pre-order your copy of Sein und Werden or The Cabinet of What You Don’t See now. Just drop me a line at seinundwerden at gmail dot com