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Spring 2015 – submission guidelines

Allen Ashley will once again be guest editing an issue of “Sein und Werden”. Submissions will open on 21 November 2014 and close on 20 February 2015.

Allen advises you to not hang around but to get your submissions in as soon as they are ready.

Publication date is set for March 2015.

The theme for this issue will be “The Restless Consumer”. Usual guidelines apply. Allen will be looking for stories up to about 3000 words; poems up to about 50 lines; high resolution artwork; all to theme and all with the regular “Sein und Werden” leanings towards experimental and innovative approaches.

All submissions to be sent as an email attachment in a readable form directly to Allen on this address:

“The Restless Consumer”

Consumption and Consumerism characterise our society in the developed world. Our daily concerns are to get a better phone with more functions, to eat the right food at the right price, to look as good as our favourite celebrities, to endlessly collect their “selfies”, to buy the products they endorse, to live a life where we are what we buy, what we wear, what we own, what we watch and consume. Is there no end to it?

Or is there another way? Are we mercilessly and carelessly killing the planet, using up every available resource in a vacuous search for transitory meaning?

I want your responses. I want your stories, your confessions, your shopping lists, your adverts for products that never were, your mash-ups that reveal uncomfortable truths, your deconstruction of our consumer society. Be bold. Blend the barriers between art forms. Take down the corporations. Show us a way out.

All submissions, queries, complaints etc to be addressed personally to Allen Ashley, Guest Editor, on:

Note: The title “The Restless Consumer” is borrowed from the title of a song on Neil Young’s Grammy-nominated CD “Living With War” (2006). That album was essentially an attack on the policies of George W. Bush. Thankfully, that is old news now, so focus on the consumer aspect not the George “Dubya” aspect.


Coming soon….

Next issue : GLAMOURAMA

The theme for the next issue of Sein und Werden is Glamourama:  
DEADLINE: 20th August 
Looking forward to your tales of decadence and depravity…

The Ironic Fantastic e-book. Volume 1.

I am so pleased, excited and downright ecstatic right now because Volume 1 of the Ironic Fantastic e-book is now available at Smashwords.

Use this code HU56B to read it for free

Volumes 2 and 3 will be coming shortly.
Thanks so much Rhys Hughes.

Not Quite Human review

Thanks to B Drew Collier for the great review of the Not Quite Human issue here:

Next issue guidelines

Reminder: deadline is 20th May for the Not Quite Human issue:

Not Quite Human
Maybe passing as such but, underneath, when you strip away the layers…
Not Quite Human
Maybe they didn’t quite make it to the human level. Took a left turn somewhere.
Not Quite Human
Maybe a little bit something else.
Not Quite Human
Maybe something more so.

You know you want to write something for this. Something that isn’t just a “Twilight” rip-off. Oh no, something creepy, unsettling, memorable or mind-expanding. Something with all the usual elements of human literature. And yet…

All submissions to:
seinundwerden at gmail dot com

The Ironic Fantastic

Now available to all and sundry – the last, that’s right, the very LAST issue of Sein und Werden you will see in print. THE IRONIC FANTASTIC edited by Rhys Hughes is a bumper fun double issue of the absurd. For the mind-numbingly dirt-cheap price of £4.50/$8.50/6.50euros (inc p+p) you too can hold a copy of this too-cool-for-school zine in your hands.
To see this wonderful objet d’art in its full splendour and for a full toc go here.

It’s the perfect mother’s day gift. What mother wouldn’t like a zine full of weird? And for those of you who don’t live in the UK, buy it for your mother/father/loved one anyway. Cause it’s that cool!
Send an email to seinundwerden at gmail. com for purchasing details.

Douglas Thompson mentions Pulp Punks…


Now available – the October issue of Sein und Werden – PULP PUNKS – edited by Mark Howard Jones.

With fiction and poetry from Allen Ashley, Cathy Bryant, Terry Grimwood, Adam Kuplowsky, Bob Lock, Matt Merritt, Brian M Milton, D E Oprava and  Douglas Thompson. With a great cover designed by Mark Howard Jones.

And, for every single purchase (£4.50 / $8.50 inc p+p) or new subscription (£16.00 / $32.00 inc p+p) I will throw in a signed copy of Mark Howard Jones’ book ‘The Garden of Doubt on the Island of Shadows’

Email for purchasing details.



submissions deadline: 20th February 2013

Please note: from January 2013 Sein und Werden will be an web zine only)

The term ‘Exquisite Corpse‘ can be interpreted in many ways.

The surrealists among you will know it as a game played by Breton et al, in which the first person draws a head (or a first line), folds over the paper to hide it, and passes it on to the next who then adds the body/next line, folds it over, passes it on to the next etc. What you end up with is a monstrous (or beautiful) creation in automatic drawing/writing.

The horror writers among you will perhaps interpret the theme more literally. Just make it beautiful. Make it exquisite.

(As an aside, there is an excellent book which combines the two – ‘Exquisite Corpse: Surrealism and the Black Dahlia Murder’ by Mark Nelson and Sarah Hudson Bayliss. Here is a link to a page about the book but please note – CONTAINS VERY GRAPHIC CRIME SCENE PHOTOGRAPHS.)

And the philosophers? Well, what is the body anyway but a vessel to hold the bloody matter in? What is the self but a collection of memories, scars, dreams, pretences and a little bit of every exquisite person you know?

Submissions to seinundwerden at gmail dot com

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