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Spring 2015 – submission guidelines

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Allen Ashley will once again be guest editing an issue of “Sein und Werden”. Submissions will open on 21 November 2014 and close on 20 February 2015.

Allen advises you to not hang around but to get your submissions in as soon as they are ready.

Publication date is set for March 2015.

The theme for this issue will be “The Restless Consumer”. Usual guidelines apply. Allen will be looking for stories up to about 3000 words; poems up to about 50 lines; high resolution artwork; all to theme and all with the regular “Sein und Werden” leanings towards experimental and innovative approaches.

All submissions to be sent as an email attachment in a readable form directly to Allen on this address:

“The Restless Consumer”

Consumption and Consumerism characterise our society in the developed world. Our daily concerns are to get a better phone with more functions, to eat the right food at the right price, to look as good as our favourite celebrities, to endlessly collect their “selfies”, to buy the products they endorse, to live a life where we are what we buy, what we wear, what we own, what we watch and consume. Is there no end to it?

Or is there another way? Are we mercilessly and carelessly killing the planet, using up every available resource in a vacuous search for transitory meaning?

I want your responses. I want your stories, your confessions, your shopping lists, your adverts for products that never were, your mash-ups that reveal uncomfortable truths, your deconstruction of our consumer society. Be bold. Blend the barriers between art forms. Take down the corporations. Show us a way out.

All submissions, queries, complaints etc to be addressed personally to Allen Ashley, Guest Editor, on:

Note: The title “The Restless Consumer” is borrowed from the title of a song on Neil Young’s Grammy-nominated CD “Living With War” (2006). That album was essentially an attack on the policies of George W. Bush. Thankfully, that is old news now, so focus on the consumer aspect not the George “Dubya” aspect.


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Coming soon….

Next issue : GLAMOURAMA

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The theme for the next issue of Sein und Werden is Glamourama:  
DEADLINE: 20th August 
Looking forward to your tales of decadence and depravity…

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